Sunday, 15 October 2017

Pune - the city.. the sojourn

     It began with a suggestion from a different continent.. Finally bucking up for another solo day of exploring... Playing it safe with a uber pool and roommate's Rubik cube for company... Out of practice meant, it took almost the entire of 30 mins to finally solve the cube.. The driver was unusually quiet given my previous uber rides, where a life lesson was a sure takeaway. 
Pataleshwar Cave

Getting off exactly outside the Pataleshwar caves, the first thought you have is..'Is this the place for a cave?' Right amidst the bustling area of Shivajinagar lie these 8th century caves and the temple therein... Car horns abound and people bustling on their way. A mini version perhaps of our very times, with the latest of inventions of the 21st century coupled with a mindset that dates way back to the stone age ( do not want to sound morose at the beginning. But wait, for there's a change ). You shrug of this thought and step in first through the wrong gate.. to be shooed off by an aunty perhaps as old as the caves. You find the right gate which opens to a quiet garden.. and there stands a tree. You don't even have to guess which tree could it be.. for how can a historic site be without a grand old banyan tree. You move ahead to steps that lead you to a clearing carved of stone ( duh caves ). And here is where you let go of all humour and find peace.. You feel the vibes.. Something really ancient surrounds you. A 'nandi' bull welcomes you with a serene expression pointing you to the sanctum cave.. The chill of the air and the cave smell transports you to world, way different from the bustling city right outside.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The superhero in you!

    Growing up, each one of us always have had a character to adore. To simple look up to. Some from the real world, but some having a far greater space in our lives. The super heroes. The days when we actually believed

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Simplicity sans rhyme

Forever in the pursuit of perfection,
A blind eye to the present tense
State of frustration when things go haywire
Control lost and visions blurred...

Energy coiled, compressed and ready to spring
Ideas vivid and plans aplenty 
Waiting in store for a scary monotony
Towards the end of days of being carefree...

Podium finishes mar the competition
A race to win for everyone
Routine of earning a wage awaits
Approaching it with being tensely aware...

Dreams no longer of knights and dragons
Adulthood no longer just a number crossed
Seriousness seeping through the crags
Nooks dusty and farewells rehearsed...

To a life of abandon reaching its end
Done with thoughts of morose mockery
Why do we mould ourselves to fit in
Being just another brick in the wall...

Growing up with a shoulder readied
To carry a responsibility we never asked for
Fitting into a construct defined by invisible hands
Approvals and denials stacked in abundance...

Individuals with flaws stand where once stood idols 
Perfection hence a pursuit for fools
To follow a path you are required to, by many
And it now calls for courage to be unleashed...

A deep breath clears away the mists
Clouded mountains in sight once again
To now take a stand and value the one thing
Discipline and consistency in the actions I take...

Find the things which make your heart beat faster
The one thought that brings in the rush to your veins
To pursue it would mean the happiest of journeys
With its tough tasks and yet the one missing word...