Sunday, 20 May 2018

5 ways to Simplicity

How often have we heard the virtues of Simplicity sung? The way it eases out your life. Despite all of this, it is rarely that we ever reach the hallowed halls of simplification... Here are five ways how we could at least try...

1. Quit time travelling:
Ever paid attention to what exactly is running through that ever functioning mind of yours? It is forever on the high horse of travelling through our timeline. Sometimes lingering on the happenings of the past and the rest is when we keep jumping way ahead into the future. Simplicity stems from the ability of merely being in this very moment. When you know that this moment is the only moment which really matters, your turbulent mind settles down. A calm that precedes the first step on your journey towards simplicity.

2. Accept your state:
Reality is the ever neglected nemesis of our mind. We add our own filters of prejudice, conceptions and  inhibitions over the real hard truth. We choose to ignore the hard facts and that is our falling. When you agree to open your eyes to the truth that surrounds you, things fall in place. The overly complicated reactions ease out into simple responses and give you a firm foundation. A base of reality to build out your dreams.

3. Detach from the social media dopamine:
As we move ahead into a world encompassed in technology we find newer distractions and trappings. The daily shot of dopamine or the happiness-hormone from those popping notifications is slowly creeping into our lives. Becoming an essential factor. Social Approval in the form of likes and hearts is fast becoming a natural instinct. This adds just another dependency in a life already full of distractions. When you realise that you can never have a lasting burst of satisfaction from these mediums, you being your growth.

4. Know the balance of material and non-material:
You will find simplicity when you no longer fret over that missed sale at the Mall. Or when you know that a debate over the most happening restaurant in town is just a waste of your mental faculty. When you no longer fret over the existence or the absence of any material, you know that it is the right mindset to hold. A balance is the right answer. Excess fretting over any thought will just make you miserable and pull you away from the high road towards a simple life. 

5. Seek the beauty in simplest of events:
Everywhere around you there is an exhibition of a natural systematized order. The water-cycle you learnt in school or the seed storing the potential to be a huge tree. Each and every act in your surrounding is a masterpiece in beauty. When you learn to appreciate this in unbridled wonder as a kid would, you learn to enjoy the simple life. Developing this eye for beauty makes you feel naturally happy for the most part of your day. This reduces your need for external stimuli to feel happy. It is not for fun that every great man has always encouraged people to find the strength within... It is always about the power within which is seeking expression through you...

Simplicity is often misinterpreted for a hermit's life. For a life without ambition. On the contrary, it is the absence of a constant need for external approval. The lack of gluttony for material mediums... Trust yourself to find the your own way towards a simple, enriched and a meaningful life!

Monday, 9 April 2018

By the Sea..

    It had been quite some time now... A summer's day was about to fade its time out... The evening had always held an incredible pull for Reeve. He lived by the cabin on the extreme end of the beach. The cabin stood aloof from the nearby coastal village.. It was a good life, with its share of toil.. Each day was the same, in sync with the sun and the moon... He rose with the sun to get his boat polished an ready to ferry the odd bunch of tourists to the sea-fort which lay some distance into the sea. No other boatman agreed to ferry people to the fort.. For a reason spun by the village rumour mills... It was said to be haunted...

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Mandav - The Poem etched in stone

     This began as a random article on one of the 'feeds' and a plan to see Mandav in person. This was around the time when the story of queen Padmavati was doing the rounds for all kinds of reasons, with questions about her existence being asked... Miles away we had our own real life love-struck story of Rani Roopmati and Baz Bahadur(more on it later).. It was after an amazing day spent food-surfing in Indore the early morning bus-ride to Mandu(Mandav, Mandavgarh, Mandap Durga and many more names...) took off.
The Jami Masjid
  The quaint town of Mandu now a tourist attraction speaks up from the very moment you enter the perimeter via any of the darwajas. The structures speak up of a time when the town was more than a tourist attraction. The twin capital of the Malwa Sultanate has much to offer. The first major monument that greets you is the Jami Masjid. This Masjid is unique in its existence because of the influence of Hindu style of architecture seen its construction. It was one of the largest masjids in its times.